“The Grandfather Image of The Grandfather showering Star Light upon the Children of Earth”


Beloved Grandchildren –

The Ancestors and Elders have prophesied the arrival of  these Sacred Times of Purification which are Now!. The simplest way to move through this time of Purification is to open your Heart and live in and with  Love for All That Is with Prayer and Reverence while helping to assist in the healing of Mother Earth by healing yourself and working together as One family in cleaning up the dysfunctional acts which were created in the past that have caused great harm to all living things.  House cleaning for your Mind-Body-Soul and Grandmother Earth is overdue and necessary at this Time.

House cleaning for the Land you live on- the Waters you drink and the Air you breathe is what is the next steps. You are all children of The Creator born of the same Light and it is time for you to listen to the ringing of the Wake Up call in your hearts and Wake-Up Now and love yourselves! Care for yourselves and heal and in doing the appropriate things to clean up the messes which have been created by man you will help in your endeavours to also clean up the Earth her Waters and the Air. The Children of the Now will learn from you so that there will be a beautiful Earth awaiting the Children of the Future.  Without Grandmother Earth functioning to feed and sustain you what kind of life do you and the children expect to create in the future?  You must think about this NOW and make the Changes for should Grandmother Earth get really ticked off she will create changes that will demand more than a little cleaning up act and that that may be most unpleasant as she has a mind and will of her own. There will be little delaying from here on in. Working from your Heart in Healing and Prayer while  changing the  destructive behaviour and ways of the past which have created an unhealthy planet and way of living while teaching  honour and respect to the children…This  behaviour must be  your legacy to the children and the grandchildren of the future.  As you truly begin to honour and wake up to the big mess that has been done over times past and begin the clean up with love from your heart and soul that the bad habits will not be repeated – that is the Salvation and It is Up to YOU to teach the children to honour all that is with sincere  Prayer to The Creator and to have and show Respect for all you have been gifted with and it is then that you shall be guided and healed of the  destructive patterns and guided in new and joyous ways as THE SACRED CIRCLE OF LIFE CONTINUES*** Blessings with Love and Light to All- PEACE ON EARTH!

Ah Ho ~Grandfather~


“Great Spirit and all unseen, this day we pray and ask You for guidance, humbly we ask You to help us and fellow men to have recourse to peaceful ways of life, because of uncontrolled deceitfulness by human- kind. Help us all to love, not hate one another.

We ask you to be seen in an image of Love and Peace. Let us be seen in beauty, the colors of the rainbow. We respect our Mother, the planet, with our loving care, for from Her breast we receive our nourishment.

Let us not listen to the voices of the two-hearted, the destroyers of mind, the haters and self-made leaders, whose lusts for power and wealth will lead us into confusion and darkness.

Seek visions always of world beauty, not violence nor battlefields.

It is our duty to pray always for harmony between man and earth, so that the earth will bloom once more. Let us show our emblem of love and goodwill for all life and land.

Pray for the House of Glass, for within it are minds clear and pure as ice and mountain streams. Pray for the great leaders of nations in the House of Mica who in their own quiet ways help the earth in balance.

We pray the Great Spirit that one day our Mother Earth will be purified into a healthy peaceful one. Let us sing for strength of wisdom with all nations for the good of all people. Our hope is not yet lost, purification must be to restore the health of our Mother Earth for lasting peace and happiness.

Techqua Ikachi – for Land and Life!”

From the book “Hotevilla: Hopi Shrine of the Covenant; Microcosm of the World” by Thomas E. Mails and Dan Evehema, published in 1995, comes the following prayer offered by representatives the Hopi Nation on one of their trips made to the “House of Glass/Mica” (United Nations).


Insightful Video from Hopi Elder.

“Message 2”

In reference to the caption on the video “US is…..”, Grandfather says  perhaps not so doomed  for we the grandchildren as Light Warriors have the ability to create great good changes and supersede negative controls laid down by the laws of man. Now Mother Earth  he says is another story for she will do exactly as she pleases when she pleases. Great Spirit has given us the opportunity to try and correct our mistakes and honour her and ourselves. When we create good changes  in honour of all, she will also absorb that balanced loving energy. We are her caretakers so what happens is ultimately up to us! Growth starts with One blade of grass. One good action follows another, when those actions catch fire their energy can spread to create a whole world of good actions which creates positive changes for all. GF 


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One Comment

  1. Donna Smith-Moncrieffe
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 17:08:14

    Dear Dawn,

    You are one of the most gifted mediums I have ever met. It is wonderful to see that you now have your website up and running. The peaceful Zen music , the colors and the website design will be pleasing to many visitors to the website. I have many ideas to share and cannot wait to continue working with you and your “sitters ” to “build the knowledge” and uncover the mysteries of mediumship. Best of Luck on this new place in your journey !! Donna