The Meaning of the Mayan Calendar End Date Within The Context of Modern Astrology

The Mayan Long Count Calendar was developed around 200 B.C.E. in Izapa, Mexico, using data calculated over hundreds of years. The Mayan Long Count start date according to scholars began on August 11th, 3114 B.C.E and the target end date will be on December 21st, 2012.


The Mayan Long Count End Date ( in the Long Count) represents the rare alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun crossing through the Galactic Equator along the dark band of stars at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Ecliptic (the path of the Sun) that will occur exactly 11:11 AM Greenwich Mean Time.


Our solar system, the Sol System, is located in our galaxy, the Milky Way, at the outer reaches of the spiral arm, the Orion arm, and is approximately 26,000 light-years from the center. As the Solar System orbits the Milky Way galaxy it follows a path that travels above and below the equator of the galactic plane.

12-4-2012 3-42-47 PM

The Mayan Calendar is based on a 260-day astrological almanac that is based on a sacred divinatory tradition. The Mayans systematized time in blocks of 20 years and grouped these in sets of 13.

Tzolk’in 260-day astrological calendar:


The core of the Mayan Calendar is a prophetic calendar based on 13 numbers and 20 astrological day signs. The 13 numbers cycle through the Mayan day signs 20 times (13 x 20 = 260), taking 260 days for a complete cycle. A complete 260-day cycle is called a tzolkin by the Mayans, and closely correlates the Venus visibility interval (length of time as either “The Morning Star” or “The Evening Star”) of 263 days.


According to the Mayans the completion of a Long Count is 5,125 years. The Long Count is subdivided into 260 sections (5,125/260 = 19.71) resulting in nearly 20-year units of time that correlates closely with the Jupiter/Saturn cycle of 19.86 years. In modern astrology the Jupiter/Saturn cycle is considered of the greatest importance in shaping the course of history and the development and the evolution of long-term social structures (religion, law, philosophy, and government).

newsevents_banner2_170_300These 20-year intervals are known to the Maya as k’atuns. K’atuns are generational markers for the Maya that are marked by sacred ceremonies (as one ends and another begins) each having their own set of prophecies associated with them.

260 Katuns

So there are 260 k’atuns in the Long Count, and December 21st is the end of the last k’atun. Although there is no clear prophecy according to Mayan scholars for the ending of the Long Count on December 21st, there are prophecies for the groupings of the 13 k’atuns (19.71 x 13 = 256.23 years) known as the Short Count, found in the Maya sacred book of the Chilam Balam (Jaguar Priest).


The k’atuns were read by the Mayan priest for purpose of divination – in tandem with the Tzolk’in – the 260 day calendar, that foretold the fate of their civilization for that particular period.

Each of the 13 k’atun’s was named after its concluding day-sign Ahau (‘Lord’). And each day-sign had a detailed and explicit fated outcome attached to it. The most recent k’atun of 4-Ahau which began April 6th, 1993 states that this will be a time of great difficulty resulting in mankind’s disharmony of spirit. According to the Chilam Balam the delineation of k’atun 4-Ahau prophecy is a follows:

There will be scarcities of corn and squash during this k’atun and this will lead to a great mortality. It is the k’atun of remembering and recording knowledge.

This was the same k’atun period during the founding of Chichen Itza (832 AD), a large pre-Columbian city built by the Maya, when the man-god Kukulcan (also known as Quetzalcoatl) arrived.


According to the Mayan Elders, during the period of 4-Ahau k’atun (1993 – 2012), resources will be scarce, natural disasters will increase, and the people will be troubled and anxious about what the future may bring. This k’atun also states a period of remembering (old) and recording knowledge. From this, many Mayan Elders believe that the Mayan Masters will reincarnate during this period to spread the wisdom and knowledge throughout the world to ease the time of purification, and open the way for collective transformation.

dark-rift-alignment-2012The next k’atun 8-Ahau will begin on December 21st, 2012, which comes at the completion of a Long Count (5,125 years) and measures the changing of the “suns” in the precession of the equinoxes: a 25,700 year galactic cycle, and the precession of a Mayan Grand Cycle of 25,630 years. According to the Chilam Balam the delineation of k’atun 2-Ahau prophecy is a follows:

For half of the k’atun there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This k’atun brings the end of the “word of God.” It is a time of uniting for a cause.

According to Mayan Elders during the period of 8-Ahau k’atun (2012 – 2032), scarcity in essential resources (food, fuel, and water) and economic distress will continue to intensify, as natural disasters will accelerate and increase in frequency. This k’atun also states the end of the “word of God.” For the Mayan Elders this will be a period where there will be collapse of false belief systems, both sacred (religious) and secular (such as science based on mechanistic materialism) as a new paradigm begins to emerge. Thus, people will lose confidence in religious leaders and government officials, leading to doubt and distrust of world leadership in providing the necessary solution and guidance during this period of unprecedented global crises.


The prophecy states “this is a time for uniting for a cause.” The Mayan Elders say this will be period of suppression of dissenting voices in all areas of life by governments creating civil unrest that will lead to violent forms of group defiance and rebellion. Nations will suppress other nations, groups will suppress other groups, and the use of violent force will increase. Therefore, we are likely to see a reemergence of large scale organized protest movements around the world, e.g. “Occupy All Street,” with the primary driving issues being social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the unwarranted influence of banks and the financial sector on government.

Mayan Long Count End Date13. - World of the Fifth Sun

The Mayan Calendar End Date is set for December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 AM GMT in Chichen Itza, Mexico. From the perspective of contemporary Western Astrology, the horoscope for this cosmological event shows the Solstice Sun at 0° Capricorn at the World Point shortly before dawn. The most outstanding configuration in the horoscope is a Yod, also known as the Finger of God that consists of two planets sextile (60° aspect) in relation to each other, with both quincunx (150° aspect) in relation to a third.

In the Mayan End Date horoscope, Saturn (8° Scorpio) and Pluto (8° Capricorn) are in exact sextile with each other, with both in quincunx to Jupiter (8° Gemini).  The Yod configuration aspect activates a powerful conduit of energy from the two harmonious sextile planets (Saturn and Pluto), in the direction of the quincunxed planet (Jupiter).

The meaning the Yod configuration may augur the process of collective spiritual maturation that will require humanity to discard religious dogma and restore its relationship between man and God in order to be in the right relationship with the Divine. This configuration also suggests that many of the intractable problems facing our civilization will reach crisis level, causing great suffering that will deepen humanity and make it question and be more open to a greater understanding of the higher laws of life and the universe.

Also in the horoscope figure the Moon is in Aries, separating from a conjunction of Uranus, while the Sun is close to the Galactic Equator (27° GC), exactly sextile Neptune, and forms a conjunction with Pluto.  Thus the Mayan Calendar End Date may signify a radical reconfiguration of our civilization marked by a period of deep soul searching, as humanity begins to seek the answers to its own enigma as a species and the meaning of its existence and place in the cosmos.

The Mayan Elders have stated that the meaning of the Long Count Calendar change is a time of purification and a period where humanity must undergo a collective spiritual death-rebirth transformation in order to overcome its dark, destructive nature. Therefore we are not facing a single moment of change but an era of change.

mayan_JoseArguellesAccording to Jose Arguelles, the person who put the Mayan 2012 end date on the map, says, “Everything that we know, everything that we are, is about to undergo a substantial and radical alteration.” The end result is that the human mind/body is evolving so that we can become empowered multi-dimensional beings.

Multi Dimensional

Time is accelerating due to that fact the Solar System is passing through high-energy particle zone in space. The high energy particles are bombarding our bodies affecting our (junk) DNA, thereby increasing cellular frequency. Therefore thought-to-action, e.g. the “Law of Attraction”, will accelerate along with the general rate of cause and effect.


If Arguelles is right, signs of meta-consciousness will likely increase as we begin the Mayan 5th Age of the Sun. Therefore we can expect a dramatic increase in meta-conscious states, such as intensified level of synchronicity (unique timing of events that seem related, but not caused one by the other), an awakening to ESP and telepathy (to know things outside the rational mind), heightened altered states awareness that allow one to see and feel energy fields, and the ability to remote view the future.


Western astrology also indicates that we are also in an era change based on the Barbault Planetary Cyclic Index between 2001 and 2022, and a succession of major outer planetary alignments positioned on the Cardinal Points (Equinoxes and Solstices) happening between 2008 and 2016.

Cyclic Index

The Cyclic Index is plotted by calculating ten subsets of angular separations of the five outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto. The angular separations of Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Uranus, Jupiter-Neptune, etc. all the way through to the tenth subset, Neptune-Pluto, are added together and plotted on a graph.

Calculate Index 1

Calculate Index 2

Calculate Index 3

Calculate Index 4

The ascending arcs of the graph are times when the planets are moving toward (0°-180°) opposition.  In the example above the four outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) began moving toward opposition after 1914 and were farthest apart shortly after the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in September 1921.

Graph Planets Apart

The upward phase of the Cyclic Index indicates the period’s economic growth, expansion and development. The upward phase coincides with collective optimism, social stability, advances in civil rights and emancipatory movements, creative breakthroughs and innovation, scientific ingenuity, public unrestraint, and periods marked with prolific artistic creativity.

Decending Arc

Descending arcs are times when the planets are moving toward (180°-0°) conjunction. Troughs in the graph are thus planetary line-ups. In the example above, the four outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto) began moving toward conjunction after the Jupiter/Saturn opposition of July 1932 and were closest together in February 1941.

The downward phase of the Cyclic Index coincides with periods of economic contraction and financial crisis. The downward phase coincides with societal breakdown, increasing pessimism, political instability, reactionary movements, resource crisis, periods marked by confusion, general chaos, restraint and moderation, global tension, military conflict, and destructive resource wars.

Barbault Cyclical

The fluctuation of the Cyclic Index originates in the alternative movement of the ascending (0°-180°) and descending (180°-0°) phases of all the cycles, as if the solar system was expanding and contracting.  The good periods go hand-in-hand with celestial expansion, as the planets separate from each other, and the critical times occur simultaneously with planetary concentrations, or conjunctions.

Barbault 20th CenturyAs an example, in the 20th century the Index collapsed at the time of both the First and Second World Wars. Astrologers who have studied the Cyclic Index in depth agree that it is a reliable future indicator of global economic and social stability, political relations, military conflict, and technological development.

Index 2001 - 2008

The first decade of the 21st century spanning from 2000 to 2008 illustrates a long downward phase in the Cyclic Index. This period began with a significant stock market correction in March of 2000 followed by the September 11th attacks in 2001 that triggered a war in Afghanistan and subsequent U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. In general the decade was dominated by several wide ranging topics, such as international terrorism, nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran, major trade imbalances, concerns over energy resources, increasing global demand of oil from the Middle East, global warming, the rising economic growth of China and the slow but steady economic decline of Japan, and the United States.

TSquare 2010

During 2010 the slow-moving planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto formed a T-Square configuration (when two or more planets in opposition make a square to a third planet), within 0° of the World Points of the Cardinal signs.  The World Points are 0° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 15° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). Planets located at these degrees express their archetypal power on the global stage with direct and unequivocal force, like a super volcano ready erupt.

Cyclic Index 2010 - 2010

The outer planet Cardinal T-Square alignment in late July 2010 corresponded to a period marked by a tangible intensification and acceleration of imminent environmental catastrophe, and near-term exhaustion of natural resources and fossil fuels due to exponential population growth and accelerating global consumption. This period has also been marked by a stagnating global economy and a worldwide debt crisis that reached a dangerous new phase, particularly in the United States, Japan, and the Eurozone which is clearly in an advanced state of decline.


The Uranus-Pluto square alignment will have seven exact passes from 2012-15, making it the longest alignment of Uranus to Pluto in more than 500 years. In 2012, there were two of seven Uranus-Pluto square alignments. The Mayan Long Count will occur nearly 93 days after the second Uranus-Pluto alignment on September 19, 2012. If the Mayan Long Count could be compared to the hour hand of a historical clock, the Planetary Cyclic Index would be the minute hand, and the Uranus-Pluto square alignment would be equated as the second hand.


The general tenor of Uranus-Pluto alignments is revolution – the Dionysian (Pluto) impulse for revolutionary empowerment and Promethean (Uranus) thrust for radical change and innovative reform to establish a new order. Uranus-Pluto alignments have historically correlated with periods of social breakdown and the collapse of old forms and structures as potent instinctual forces emerge from within the collective that are stronger than the existing power structure to contain it.

Below is a listing of the Uranus-Pluto major alignments, the starting and ending dates, accompanied with the most significant historical events during the 220-year period following the discovery of Uranus in 1781.


Uranus-Pluto Opposition (September 19th 1792 – July 04th 1794):

  • The French Revolution
  • United States Bank Panic Of 1792
  • The Haitian Revolution
  • The Polish Revolt
  • The Whiskey Revolution in Pittsburgh, PA and the Monongahela Valley
  • Polish-Russian War of 1792
  • Burmese-Siamese War

Panic1819BookUranus-Pluto Waning Square (January 1st, 1820 – September 04th 1821):

  • United States in Deep Recession From the 1819 Panic
  • Scottish Insurrection in Great Britain
  • Revolution in Spain
  • Revolution In Portugal
  • Revolutionary War Of Independence in Peru
  • The Greek War of Independence
  • Ottoman-Persian War


Uranus-Pluto Conjunction (June 25th 1850 – March 23rd 1851):

  • Second Industrial Revolution in Great Britain: Revolved around steel, railroads, electricity, and chemicals
  • The Taiping Rebellion of China
  • San Francisco Gold Rush
  • Winchester Rifle
  • Breech Loading Cannon
  • Great Fire of San Francisco
  • Slave trade Abolished in Washington, D.C., but slavery allowed to continue in the Southern States
  • Levi Strauss make his 1st pair of Blue Jeans
  • Harvard Observatory takes 1st photograph of a star (Vega)
  • First National Women’s Rights Convention Convenes in Worcester, MA
  • Telegraph connection between London-Paris linked
  • The first freight train is operated in Roorkee, India


Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square (October 21st 1876 – August 25th 1877):

  • Great Sioux War of 1876
  • The Second Rebellion Against the President of Mexico
  • The April Uprising revolt by the Bulgarian population against the Ottoman rule
  • The Satsuma Rebellion Against the Meji Government of Japan
  • Hamburg Massacre in Aiken County, South Carolina
  • Battle of Little Bighorn River
  • Anti-Chinese rioting swept the city of San Francisco
  • Germany in Economic Depression
  • Rail Road Service in the U.S. Grinds to a Standstill Due To Strike

Boxer_RebellionUranus-Pluto Opposition (January 31st 1901 – November 6th 1902):

  • Boxer Rebellion in China
  • New York Stock Exchange Panic of 1901
  • The Philippine-American War
  • Unification of Saudi Arabia War
  • Anglo-Aro War
  • The United States becomes the world leader in industrial production making 24% of the world total output, followed by Britain (19%), Germany (13%), Russia (9%) and France (7%)


Uranus-Pluto Waning Square (April 21st 1932 – Jan 17th 1934):

  • The Great Depression
  • Constitution Revolution in Brazil
  • The Aprista Revolt in Trujillo, Peru
  • The 1932 Salvadorian Peasant Uprising
  • The Siamese coup d’état end absolute monarchy in Thailand
  • Populist Revolution in Cuba
  • Ecuadorian Civil War
  • Japanese Invasion of Manchuria
  • Shanghai War of 1932
  • Chaco War
  • Colombian-Peru War
  • Third Reich – Adolf Hitler Comes To Power in Germany
  • Nation Bank Holiday & Gold Confiscation Act in the United States
  • Glass-Steagall Act
  • Securities and Exchange Commission established to oversee Wall Street trading
  • The United States becomes the worlds industrial superpower as its production exceeds the combined output of Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and Japan


Uranus-Pluto Conjunction (October 9th 1965 – June 30th 1966):

  • ’60s Counter Culture Revolution
  • Dominican Civil War
  • United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic
  • Indo-Pakistan War of 1965
  • Civil War in Chad
  • Korean DMZ Conflict
  • South African Border War
  • Namibian War
  • The Colombian Armed Conflict
  • The March of Intifada in Bahrain
  • Coup d’état in Ghana
  • Ulster Volunteer Force was Created to Wage War on the Irish Republican Army
  • United States Debased its Coinage
  • Malcolm X Assassinated
  • Watt’s Riot in Los Angeles
  • “Great Society” Act
  • Race Riots and Looting in Atlanta, Chicago, and Cleveland
  • People’s Republic of China Denotes First Nuclear Bomb
  • United States Doubles its Draft Quota – Vietnam War Escalates
  • Large Scale Anti-War Rallies in 4 Major Cities in the United States
  • “Flower Power” and the Counter Culture Revolution
  • “Psychedelic Revolution”
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Women’s Liberation Movement
  • Gay Rights Movement
  • “Free Love” Sexual Emancipation Movement
  • Human Potential Movement
  • Environmental Movement
  • “Beatlemania” – The Beginning of the World Music Movement
  • Microprocessor Revolution
  • Information Revolution

UrPL Graph

Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square (Jun 24 2012 – Mar 16, 2015):

  • “Occupy All Street” Global Protest?
  • A Constitutional Crisis?
  • The Breakdown of 2-Party System of Government?
  • U.S. Dollar Collapse?
  • Social Revolution in Europe
  • Social Revolution in the United States
  • Political Revolution in China?
  • Government Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence?
  • Emergence of Peak Oil Crisis?
  • Euro Zone Collapse?
  • Derivative Market Meltdown?
  • Third Industrial Revolution: revolves around Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Fusion Power, Solar Energy, Wireless Power, 3-D Printing, and Robotics?
  • The Emergence of “Peak Oil”?
  • New International “Reserve Currency to Replace the Dollar?
  • Sovereign Debt Implosion?
  • Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?
  • Iran Detonates First Nuclear Bomb?
  • Regional War in the Middle East?
  • Military Crisis the Korean Peninsula?
  • Japan Military Crisis with China?
  • 2nd Woman’s Liberation Movement in Asia and the Middle East?
  • A “Middle Class” tax revolt?
  • Collapse of the “Permanent Political Class”?
  • Escalation of Radiological Contamination from Fukushima Reactor 4?
  • Marital Law Imposed on U.S. Cities?
  • Drone Strikes on Civilians within the United States?
  • Income Tax Reform?
  • U.S. Immigration Reform?
  • China surpasses the United States as the World’s Next Industrial Superpower?

Uranus-Pluto Square 3 of 7
The next Uranus-Pluto square alignments will occur on April 20th and on November 1st, and will be hitting the heliocentric North Node of Jupiter – the planet of economic expansion and wealth. Therefore we can expect a continued intensification and acceleration of social and political breakdown among many nations throughout the globe, particularly in the European Union, due to a weakening economic environment of bankruptcy, monetary debasement, high unemployment/underemployment rates, large scale demonstrations, nationwide strikes and riots in major cities, leading to increasing polarization and political partisanship and government in taking measures against its own citizenry, that will ultimately lead that radical reconfiguration of the monetary system and global power structure.


2012 – 2024: A pronounced drop of the Barbault Planetary Cycle Index occurs 497 days after the Mayan End Date, during the peak of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment in the spring of 2014. The Cyclic Index continues to decline until it reaches its baseline trough in 2020-22, during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and remains there until 2024. The “Great Recession,” that began in 2007 (Phase I) in the United States under G.W. Bush during the Uranus-Saturn opposition when the Saturn-Pluto square was in applying orb, was followed by a liquidity crisis in 2008 . This was  followed by a sovereign debt in Europe and global bank solvency crisis in 2010 (Phase II) as the Uranus-Pluto square was in applying orb. Since 2010 the deteriorating global economy and financial markets have been artificially bolstered by massive amounts of monetary liquidity (digital money creation) by the central-banks. As we approach the Mayan Long Count in late 2012, we are close to the global economic “tipping point” (Phase III) where sovereign debt and bank solvency issues will reach crisis level in Asia, such as Japan which is already buckling.


To the Mayans, the approach of Long Count End Date represents the end of a 25,625-year long cycle that began in 3113 BC and signifies the transition from one world age to another, as humanity moves into alignment with higher consciousness. The period from 1998 – 2016 is the “Sacred Hall of Mirrors” that, according the Mayans, is a time of upheaval (storms, earthquakes, global warming, economic collapse, social revolution, food and resource shortages, radiological contamination, destructive war) that would hasten the awakening of humanity and the rise of global consciousness and become the dawn of a new era in human civilization.

Therefore, we should expect a period of continued global economic contraction leading to depression level status in certain nations including the United States, friction over trade and resources among nations, high unemployment leading to large-scale protest, an acceleration of extreme weather, and general world decay, from 2012 to 2022.


However, starting in 2023 the Cyclic Index moves into an upward phase, indicating a period of rapid economic growth, social and cultural development and general optimism. Most likely, astounding technological progress and spiritual advancement will be the central feature of this decade. In fact, it is even arguable that during this period we can expect the rise of artificial life on Earth with greater-than-human intelligence as we begin to develop the first generation computers that are self-aware with superhuman intelligence – A.I., where large computer networks that become sentient. We can also expect the development of nanotech computer/human interfaces that will give humans superhuman intelligence. Also, we can expect a major breakthrough in alternative energy systems and the full implementation of fusion power to begin to replace diminishing fossil fuel reserves. We can also expect major breakthroughs in the biological sciences that will improve the quality of human life and dramatically extend lifespan with minimal aging.  As we approach “technological singularity” by 2030, humanity will be at a turning point by being the first species to be on the verge of taking control of its own evolution. Different types of technology – genetic, robotic, information, and nanotech – will converge and will lead the human enhancement capabilities that will literally change what it means to be human.

William Stickevers




The Cosmic Story: Aries Full Moon: The Final Harvest September 29, 2012

 By Cathy Lynn Pagano:

The energies leading up to this full Moon have been intense.   With the 2nd Uranus/Pluto square last week, we’ve really entered a time of radical re-alignment and re-structuring of our personal habits and our collective enterprises.   With the Sun moving into Libra on Saturday, September 22 at 7:49am PDT/10:49 am EDT, our collective attention (Sun) turns toward partnerships (Libra), as we develop a new paradigm, forged by Saturn at 30* Libra, energized by the Uranus/Pluto T-square and taken for a test drive when this full Moon forms a T-square with Uranus/Pluto.

Libra: The Possibilities of Partnership

Ah, if we could be as wise as Ava!   The knowing about having love in our hearts makesfiguring out the right expression of that love important.

There are so many ways to show our care; so many ways to be in relationship.   Knowing ourselves to be equal partners is crucial — we are each creating the moment and are responsible for choosing whether we exercise our free will or not.    The “right response’ is never the same, either with the same person or a different person.   Finding the right response requires staying conscious in the moment.   Remembering our heart love allows Wisdom to step in and show us the specific way to achieve the right balance in any situation.     The heart is wiser than the mind.   The heart is the primal foundation of life, the first organ to awaken in the fetus, having its own nervous system and more energy output than the brain.

Just as the Heart is the balance point in the chakra system, and Libra is a balance point in the year, there seems to be a need for balance in our DNA.   Both the Tao’s Yin and Yang and the balance of Libra’s scales come down to us from very ancient times, and of course mating is essential to how our species thrives.   True partnership between male and female, masculine and feminine consciousness, heaven and earth, spirit and form is Cosmic Law.    Yet patriarchy has tried to over throw it, creating imbalance from the get-go by condemning the feminine side of life as irrelevant and often sinful, except of course, in catering to its own needs.   We are facing the dire results of that imbalance which gives prominence to all things masculine and puts the feminine in a subservient position.

Giving value to the feminine qualities of life brings everything back into balance, allowing us to balance head and heart, left and right sides of the brain, as well as enhancing the beautiful dance between people, the back and forth, give and take of any relationship dance.   Masculine rational consciousness is taken deeper and made more fruitful when feminine consciousness considers those perceptions on a feeling and imaginal level.   The combination opens us to Wisdom.

Being balanced requires that I stay on my own side of the scale and allow the Other their side.   When I allow myself to listen to and open to the Other, I can grow in what I know, what I feel and what I believe.   I can stand in my truth yet be kind in meeting the situation, and that allows the other person to come closer to their own truth.   Instead of pulling apart, the back and forth of fine-tuning the balance finally creates a silent stillness.    A sense of peace emerges because both sides have what we want and perhaps what we need.   The right balance has been struck!

So who’s been having relationship issues for the past 3 years?   Have you resolved them?   The relationship taskmaster has been teaching us lessons about fairness and justice, and now things are about to change.     A week after this full moon that highlights the signs of Libra and Aries, Saturn will move out of Libra on October 5, hopefully having taught us many lessons about relationships and true partnering.   Saturn has been in Libra since November 2009 and won’t be back again until September 2039.   This was our best chance to learn about and work on our relationship lessons, because soon Saturn plunges into the dark, murky transformational waters of Scorpio until December 2014.    And that’s a whole other story!

With Saturn in a beneficial aspect to Neptune in Pisces at this full Moon, we now have a chance to make our dreams come true.   It begins with developing a sense of groundedness (Saturn) and stillness within (Pisces), so we can visualize what it is we want to create.   Saturn steps into the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard as he directs his will out into the fascinating mysteries of out space (or the inner space of the collective unconscious = Pisces).   Use your imagination and “make it so’.

The Libra balance is best expressed with the exuberant Full Moon in Aries.    Without our Aries’ deep need to live our own life, we can easily get lost in the “should and oughts’ of the patriarchal rules of the “relationship game’.   Because all too often, relationships become a game, a game of acquisition, conquest, battles, jealousy, betrayal, failure.   Under patriarchy, sexuality became a hurtful game of domination and violence.   This is a big issue this full Moon as Venus and Mars challenge each other to let go of drama (Venus in Leo) and the need for conquest and control (Mars in Scorpio).

What if the game just stopped?   What if you let yourself relate from your heart’s truth?   What if “nobody has to win’ and just be open and listen.

Sound hard?   It all depends on if you can listen to your heart or not.    The deep relationships we all want come from sharing our truths with others.   So what keeps us from acting on our real feelings?   Perhaps it’s about trust.   Can we trust our heart?   Can we trust someone else to value our heart?   That’s the lesson Saturn in Scorpio will teach us over the next few years.

This Aries Full Moon is probably the most intense full moon we’ve experienced in a while.   Why?   Because it is energized by the Pluto/Uranus square that occurred on September 18-19th.    Leading up to the second of seven challenges between the planet of revolution and the planet of evolution, we just came out of a week of watching the world in turmoil once again while the “puppet masters’ fall apart as their secret beliefs are revealed again and again. Patriarchy’s minions keep delivering their disjointed, twisted version of reality so there can be no mistaking the stakes.   If we have a new vision of life on our beautiful mother Earth, we have to stand up for it now.   For more on this potent astrological energy, see my Wisdom-of-Astrology blog.

This Aries Full Moon is within 1* of Uranus in Aries.   Uranus, the energy of the higher Mind or archetypal plane, is working with the Aries’ need to find his identity and his purpose in life.   Aries asks, “Who am I?”   His answer is, “I am. . .”   Uranus says, “Who are you in the depths of your soul and in the heights of your spirit?”

Revolutionary Uranus wants us to take ourselves and our life seriously.   He admonishes us, “Stop living a provisional life, one which leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more.”   Why do we live a – life that doesn’t engage our souls? Why aren’t we living an engaged, passionate, creative life which is infused with soul?   Uranus in Aries invites us to explore the archetypal dimensions of our life and to consciously re-connect with the archetypal power of our soulful identity.   We might discover a leader, a builder, a thinker, a creator, a helper, a partner, an artist, a dreamer, a bard, a mystic.   Answering the call of our archetype is our hero’s journey.

When that quest is fused with the Aries Full Moon awareness, you can be sure everyone will be feeling their power.   But with the Sun in Libra, we’ll have to temper our Aries identity with a desire to be fair and just with other people.   Too much ego-self leads to imbalanced relationships.   Too much self-sacrifice leads to imbalanced relationships.   A true sense of your Self and of the other person’s Self will result in a creative mix that achieves balance, beauty and harmony.

Now add to that the challenge of letting go of the old rules of patriarchy which are really entrenched behavior beliefs (Pluto in Capricorn squaring the Sun and Moon/Uranus), and we are in for an interesting weekend.   While many astrologers see the possibility of sudden upsets and surprises for this weekend, this full moon also holds the promise of doing something uniquely different.   Just remember that whatever it is will be unpredictable, so just go with the flow and try to keep your balance.   We could actually experience deep changethis week. The question is, can we step outside of our usual behavior patterns, refuse to let our buttons be pushed and engage with people from the deep Self?

So this full moon, embrace the new, the unpredictable, the original.   Stay true to yourself and give the other person a little slack.   They’re going through the same things too.   Don’t forget to ground and center — you’ll handle the energies better if you do.

Aries Full Moon, September 29-30, 2012

This electrifying Aries Full Moon occurs on Saturday, September 29 at 8:20pm PDT/ 11:20pm EDT and on September 30 at 3:20am GMT.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 8*Libra is: A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.     In many ways, we have all “deserted’ our true home — our inner essence.   But just because we’ve deserted our Self doesn’t mean that it still isn’t there.   The fire burns brightly, giving us hope of light and warmth if we turn toward it.   We just have to have the courage (which we’ll get from the Aries Moon/Uranus) to return to the Source.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 8* Aries is: A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an East wind.   Hats protect us from the elements as well as contain the energy of our crown chakras.   They symbolize the focused power our thoughts.   The streamers are the outward sign of the strong East wind that blows new insights, new energies and radical changes through our minds.   We need new “rules’ if we want to recreate a society, since with Libra, we start the second half of the year where we draw together and pool our resources.

The Sabian symbol for Uranus at 7* Aries is: A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms.   We have to learn how to work in both the spirit realm and in the material realm.   Once we remember that the material world is the form that spirit wants to manifest in, we might take responsibility for the forms we create.

Other Astrological Energies at Play

The other energies surrounding this intense full moon involve both the planetary rulers of this full moon as well as the Moon’s Nodes: Venus rules the Sun in Libra and the South Node in Taurus while Mars rules the Moon in Aries and the North Node in Scorpio.

The Sabian symbol for Venus at 27*Leo is: The luminescence of Dawn in the eastern sky.  Dawn brings the new day.  Venus has crossed the face of the Sun and is now in her role of Morning Star, the bringer of Wisdom.  We can learn to love in new ways.  And Wisdom and Love will be our guides.

The Sabian symbol for Mars at 26*Scorpio is: American Indians making camp after moving into new territory.  The Native people were so attuned to Nature that they could adjust quickly to new situations.  They know what’s required in the situation.  Another perfect image of Wisdom: the wisdom of the body, of nature.

This leads me to believe that if we are attuned to the requirements of the Uranus/Pluto square, our Venus and Mars nature will carry us to a higher level of engagement, with each other and with the world at large.

The heart of the Sun (Venus in Leo) (enlightenment???) brings an awareness of the need to transform our destructive desires (Mars in Scorpio), pressuring us to take others into consideration rather than following our selfish, ego desires.  With Venus in the last quarter phase of her cycle with Mars, she is forced to decide what she really loves.  Venus rules our heart chakra, so let your heart decide what’s important, then focus your desire (Mars) to transform the situation.  With Venus in Leo ruling the Taurus South Node, we have to leave behind our illusions about love to see the reality of Love.  Then Venus becomes the true Queen, Psyche weds Eros and we actually believe in the power of Love.

Another strong influence is the grand cardinal cross between the Aries Moon/Uranus, Ceres in Cancer, the Libra Sun and Pluto in Capricorn.    All cardinal signs signal a time of new beginnings and mark the turning of the Wheel of the Year, as Libra turns it from summer to autumn.   Happy Equinox!   It’s time to turn within to make changes, both in our internal life and in our collective life.   Ceres is a dwarf planet, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system and is named for the ancient Mother Goddess, birther and protectress of Life, bringing back the Wisdom of the feminine to be included in this new world we’re all birthing.

So how will you be spending this wild full Moon?  Happy Equinox and Bright Blessings on your harvests.


Dragon Fire Brings Puritication –
written by: Dipali


Let’s get directly to the information surrounding the Full moon this month. The Full Moon in Aries is at 7 degrees on September 29th/30th, 2012. This month while writing this Full Moon in Aries article, I kept getting the image of a dragon. As a mythical creature, the symbol dragon represents power, wisdom, magic and fire of purification. The sign of Aries is a fire element and can be quick to initiate. Now, think of an image of a dragon breathing out fire. And that fire can potentially purify. You can begin to get a taste of what this full moon’s energy is like.

Out of the blue, didn’t see that coming!

One of the major configurations happening now is transiting Uranus in Aries -retrograde will closely “conjunct” the Moon in Aries. It will activate what is referred to as a Cardinal “T-Square” aspect. The planets involved are: Moon/Uranus in Aries, Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. It is very likely to feel the burn and heat under this full moon phase.  And the burn can lead to transformation rather than letting the anger or powerlessness consume you. Sudden confrontations, family disagreements, ego clashes and emotional upsets are possible. All in the name of purification and change under this Full Moon in Aries.

We must directly pursue the path which helps us to evolve and reclaim our empowerment. Look at the underlying rich potential of the Full Moon in Aries. “Sudden emotional liberation and empowerment.” The Sun/Moon are seeking to find middle ground between individuality and cooperation with others. Meanwhile this Full Moon activates the already warmed up Uranus/Pluto Square from other recent planetary aspects.

Choose your battles wisely

On glance of the configuration around this potent Full Moon in Aries, one may see it as volatile, emotionally charged, forceful and downright intense. And it is. Unresolved issues around anger and feeling out of control may come up again. As pressure building leading up to and around the Full Moon, people may project their pent-up, repressed”stuff” at or onto others, anger or rage may erupt as will raw emotions flow out. Therefore, it is helpful to know people may feel highly agitated and quick flares of temper may make for irrational decisions.

Though it is a possibility to be under fire (metaphorically) of someone venting or taking out their frustrations on the wrong person during this time. Also possible now, is to see people fanning the flames which may ignite or provoke a more extreme reaction or decision.  Approach the situation or “Handle with care and caution.”

The possibility of people breathing out fire (symbolically of course) or whip-lash with words or actions is there. It may shock, surprise or upset the status quo.  If you open your mouth when you are angry or enraged and you will be spitting fire to burn or hurt someone. Proceed with great caution and thoughtfulness. On the other hand, you may need to open up and speak in a compassionate and direct manner to express how you feel. And the Full Moon in Aries can help you have the courage to act and express if you feel stuck. Be patient and preserve through any emotional, symbolic or literal storms if one arises.

Clarity (Sun in Libra) is possible when you take a look at another person’s point of view and compromise where needed. In other situations, you may be learning to set healthy guidelines and say “no thanks.” Sun in Libra suggests using the Archetype of the “Peace-Keeper” to help with managing things so that everyone benefits.

On a global front, Is is possible to see riots, uprising or protests manifesting regarding some cause or issue. Important issues or themes seem to get ignited and it is possible for people to react irrationally due to feeling out of control. Select wisely who or what you join up with under the full moon.

The Potential:

The potential of this Full Moon in Aries  activating the Uranus/Pluto Square: quick breakthroughs, taking charge or being more assertive, innovative ideas or realizations zipping through the dense emotional fog and pain. Pleasant surprises which ignite your passion and drive. Out of the blue awareness helps solve the problem. This energy could potentially bring high level of emotional clarity, empowerment and the fiery energy to take action and make a longer lasting change. A feeling of emotional confidence may surface.

Before you act, choose or express yourself – PAUSE. Breathe deeply. PAUSE. Then handle what needs to be taken care of. Use the ‘Spiritual Compassionate Warrior Archetype’ to help you navigate.

Overall the vibe of the Full Moon in Aries is bold, daring and full of opportunity to purify old emotional debris through fire of purification. At first it may feel a bit raw or extreme heat yet then in the aftermath something new is born from the ashes. Remember, take responsibility for how you feel and then take action to change things if you don’t like what is happening rather than sitting in powerlessness and victim-hood. Under the guidance and wisdom of Soul, take charge of your life.

Intention: “I AM Courageous and Assertive ________”

Mineral Kingdom: Work with Hematite crystal
One of the metaphysical properties of this crystal is to help ground and protect.  It strengthens the connection with the earth. This stone, tends to stimulate concentration and focus.

Full Moon Ceremony: Work with the element of Fire. Action, movement, Being in the Solar Energy (Sunlight), sitting near fire,  helps to activate the fire element within.


By: Author Unknown

The Full Moon in September is in Aries on September 23rd.The Aries moon can really light the flames of passion. This will be a fantastic night to find a new love. A moon in Aries signifies creative expression, leadership, ambition and being the very best that you can be in life. This is also a good time to take risks for love and being confident enough to move forward with new ideas.

This Full Moon takes place just a day after the Fall Equinox moves into the gentle and romantic sign of Libra. This promises to be one of the best nights of the year for romance and it is likely bring blessings of one kind or another to each and every sing.AriesThis Full Moon is going to gratify you with someone or something that you have been lusting after or a long time. You may find yourself faced with a number of career offers at once and socially you will be very popular. If not attached, the vibe is very favorable for attracting a true love. This is also one of the best dates of the year for you to set a wedding date with the one you love.TaurusThis Full Moon is going to inspire you to follow your heart and make the moves necessary to be with a true love or go for your true ambition in life. This is especially true if you have found yourself having to make a choice romantically. If faced with a decision, it is a good idea to go with the newest relationship. Choosing the future instead of the past is sure to guarantee you success on all fronts.GeminiThis Full Moon is likely to bring you fast luck when it comes to money. Many of you will be moving to a new residence. If you feel that you lost someone or something this summer, it will now make its way back to you. You are also in for good news about money and career. If single you are going to attract a true love. This is also a great day for a makeover.

CancerThis full moon might knock you a bit off balance. You might have trouble choosing between work and play. You may be a little busier than you like to be, but at least you will be making money. This is a great evening to go out and meet new people. Singles could meet a new love. Attached Crabs are sure to enjoy the attentions of a very amorous partner.LeoThis moon is going to supercharge your libido. Many of you will be swept off your feet by a new lover. Some may be contemplating leaving an existing relationship for an old flame who has recently returned to your life. If you do want to trade in the new for the old, then the planets greatly favor it. This is a great night for both seduction and simply entertaining good friends at home.VirgoThis full moon is going to give you the courage to get rid of a toxic relationship for good. However you must do it within a couple of days of this full moon if you want the financial part of things to resolve in your favor. If you are single this is a great evening to go out and meet someone new. Virgins in a committed relationship should plan a romantic dinner at home.

LibraThis full moon is going to put you in a sexy mood. The planets are smiling on you if you are single – this is one of your best nights all year to meet someone new.  You will be amazed at the number of social invitations that you will get this week.  Don’t let you’re partying interfere with your work schedule although this is a good evening for social climbing.ScorpioThis fiery full moon in Aries could make you feel like you have lost control. You may be experiencing an intense desire for someone else. If you are attached try and focus on your current partner as this is likely to be just an infatuation. This full moon is also likely to bring you good news about a money matter and good news about your career.SagittariusThis Full Moon will have a very positive effect on your life in general. You will have plenty of opportunities to travel, both for business and pleasure. Fun and care-free times are ahead of you in the next few weeks. Romance is definitely in the picture on this night. It is the perfect evening to seduce a partner or a potential lover, do your best to get that someone alone for a private chat.

CapricornThis Full Moon could find you singled out to do a special job that is unique to your talents. It could also bring you a promotion at work. If you are attached, be prepared to be wooed and courted into bed. If you are single, you might meet someone new however this person is more likely to be an infatuation than a love that lasts a long time.AquariusThis moon is in a fire sign which is a bit hectic for you because you like things to be a little more casual and easy going. However, between trying to meet your social and your business obligations, you are barely going to have time to take a breather. However, it is a good evening for you to meet someone new, however if it turns into a romance it may be just an infatuation or an affair.PiscesThis day is likely to bring you good news about your career. You could also get a cash windfall. If you are single, you could meet someone new on this night, so be sure to look good! If you are attached your partner will be extra attentive. Activities such as sun-tanning, makeovers, and shopping for lingerie are also favored on this romantically inclined day.

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