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I Am Dawn

I Am always in Gratitude of Communications shared from the  Realms of  Angels, Spirit and  Higher Frequencies of Light.

 Information  shared from the higher levels of being is geared towards assisting and encouraging us to live our Best Lives amongst all the seemingly sudden changes in this timeframe. It is important to know that we are truly loved, especially by the one’s we  don’t normally see, yet whom we at times feel their loving energy  and presence across time and space  in our dreams, hearts and minds, always near, guiding us on toward our light and highest good.  We are blessed to be on beautiful Grandmother Earth at this time in history. We were all given a great gift, which was  to witness and live in such breathtaking  beauty on Earth while dreaming of being lifted up to the Heavens above and wanting to be both places at once in our conscious minds, we simply have to believe we are always One everywhere with everything.  We  feel the great love and mystery between Earth Mother and Sky Father who are hand in hand in love with each other and all there is… which is the Ultimate, yet our yearnings to have it all is what creates the obstacles before us. When we recognize that we already have it all even if the All be dwelling within a different vibrational frequency not manifested within our conscious world, yet exists nonetheless, Our goal, is to  truly love and protect it all whatever it is that is of life in our experience. Spirit says in focusing on creating the good changes that affects all life, in doing so , we will live a fulfilled, wealthy inner life.

All Is One!  It has been said… Ah Ho.


Image Representative of Grandfather Wolf Spirit &  Granddaughter Dawn.




                                                                                                                                                   Our  Soul Purpose simply is to Love. In Loving we give ourselves the Gift of Freedom and Happy, with all else wonderful joining in, Uniting Us All together as ONE!    



Grandfather says we have to get over the doubt of being on Earth at this time  because we signed up for the experience a long time ago and that there is no turning back.  Even though the past is our foundation we cannot live in the past. The past  is there in our memory to  push us forward to makes the changes to create the future of our deepest knowings, yearnings and highest dreams. We need to REMEMBER to BELIEVE, and BELIVE to REMEMBER… the Essence, The Light of who We Truly Are!

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